Sometimes big problems need small solutions. That's the idea behind Cardialen's breakthrough therapy for atrial fibrillation.

Cardialen is developing a small, implantable device which will bring genuine change to the future of AF treatments. This simple, pacemaker-like device monitors the heart beat by beat and stops the AF quickly and quietly through a proprietary sequential series of novel, low-energy pulses. Low energy translates into therapy which has minimal to no sensation. Current treatments have disappointing results.  Cardialen's solution eliminates the side-effects of current treatment: it leaves no tissue damage or scarring, creates no toxicity and can easily and repeatedly be switched on and off when needed. This adaptable approach can easily match each patient's individual arrhythmia.   

Cardialen therapy is revolutionary, but the therapy delivery system is not – the implantable device system can be designed and built using existing implantable device building blocks and the therapy is being designed to work with commercially available implantable leads, the wires implanted in the heart. Also, because the implantable system delivers new therapy in a familiar form, the Cardialen therapy system can be rapidly adopted using existing care pathways, procedures, reimbursement, and managed using existing infrastructure.

Ultimately, Cardialen therapy meets a significant unmet need by providing an effective solution to a problem that has cost billions of dollars and taken hundreds of thousands of lives. It will offer a unique hope to the 9 million people who suffer from AF.