Cardialen is revolutionizing atrial fibrillation (AF) treatment by offering a unique solution: a gentle, low energy therapy, released from an implantable device. This treatment will stop symptoms at the onset of AF, keep people out of the healthcare system, and greatly reduce AF’s significant financial impact. While current AF treatments have serious side-effects, Cardialen’s device will provide an effective, well-tolerated solution to AF, which ultimately slows the progression of the disease, eliminates the need for drug therapy, reduces the likelihood of stroke, and leaves patients happier and healthier. 


Cardiac arrhythmias – the most common of which is atrial fibrillation (AF) – are taking a significant toll on millions of people throughout the world. Over 9 million are affected in the United States and European Union alone. At least 130,000 Americans die annually from AF, and that number is rising.

This year alone, the US will spend $7 billion treating AF, and the EU a whopping $16 billion. This money is spent on treatments that often cause serious side-effects, with limited lasting cure.

Despite these great costs, physicians still lack an effective cure or long-term palliative treatment for the symptoms and sequelae of AF. Side-effects of existing therapies include adverse reactions to antiarrhythmic drugs, burns related to external cardioversion, and irreversible scaring caused by cardiac ablation and surgery. Ultimately, these treatments are rarely effective in the long-run.